Poem of the week

Hard Life

It is a hard life if born without. The future unsure with not many options available. Even now you have no idea how hard it will be. The cycle is hard to break, those that have are the few.

life will beat you up and keep on moving without a thought.

Education is key but a hard door to open, it requires money and there is little of that around. There is always perseverance, necessary but not enough to unlock the doors that need to be open. Once again, life does not care.

If you are one of the fortunate ones or lucky enough to have those doors open for you, the journey has just begun. That is when the real challenge begins. The odds are stacked against you from the start. If you are lucky enough to enter, you have probably not had the preparation that most of those around you have had. It is not fair but that is life. The rewards can be great and worth any sacrifice but most run out of life credit before they can finish, life does not care.

Many cannot give anymore and are all out of life credit, they are doomed to a life of normality with few options or perks. Not a wasted life but undervalued for sure. They can become bitter and vengeful but that is a heavy load to carry around, there is nothing left to do but find a job with little or no gratification. Such is life for the poor.

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